Conifers Nature Study Resources




Nonfiction Learning Books

Tree Guides for Kids

Helpful Tree Identification Guides


Learning Resources

Playful Learning Evergreen Unit


We used everything in this unit! I cannot say enough about how great this unit is from Playful Learning! Here’s a sampling of what you get in the unit:

  • Conifer 3-Part Cards
  • Evergreen vs. Deciduous Cutting Strip & Sorting
  • Pine Cone Matching Worksheet
  • Conifer Tree Chart
  • Parts of a Pinecone
  • Parts of an Evergreen Tree

And a ton of book recommendations!

Firefly Nature School


We used Connections with Conifers and Evergreen Flash Cards from Firefly Nature School.

Conifer Cones 1-10 Counting Cards


These cards are free from I Believe in Montessori.

Conifer Tree Matchup


This is a simple free activity from Every Star is Different.

Other Resources:


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